Nail Tutorails: Sharpey Nails

Time for another nail tutorial. So I've seen this nail art for so many times and been meaning to try this out but never had the proper colors to pull this off. So finally got the colors I wanted, let's see how they go.. 

1. Base Coat
- I will be a whiny naggy old hag telling you guys the importance of the base coat.

2. Base Color
- White base color, because it brightens out the colors. 

3. Sharpey On
- Use whatever Sharpey colors you like and just draw em on top of your polish.

4. Rubbing Alcohol
- Using rubbing alcohol you want to just blend all the colors together to create something like this. You have an option of leaving the artwork like this... Or..

5. Konad
- Or... Konad Stamp a design you like on top of the nail art.

6. Top Coat
- Just apply a layer of top coat and you are done! Easy peasy. 

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