#OOTD: Week 10

WOW! Week 10 already! My goodness. This week, I fell sick.. Diarrhoea from the food poisoning I had from Singapore returned. My tonsillitis was inflamed which caused me fever and all. Goodness. I'm much better, but waiting for the return of my voice. So currently I feel like little mermaid, voicebox is down. 

Day 67.

Top: FOS (I think)
Skirt: Fab India
Sandals: TOMS (Hidden under skirt)
Bag: Kate Spade

Here was when my whole immune system weaken.
Had a little fashion show with Mei Mei.
Gave away loads of my clothes I no longer wore.

Day 68. 

Vomiting and shitting the whole freaking day.
Bed rest.
Fever visited at night. 
Tonsil flamed up at 2.35am! 

Day 69.

Inner Piece: Nichii
Cardigan: Kitschen
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Fit Flop
Bag: Kate Spade

See my pale face?
Yup, today I thought I could get out and have some fresh air.
Body decided to go weak on me.
Ended up home.

Day 70. 

Dragged myself out.
Went to work.
Met up with bestie for dinner.
Lost my voice.

Day 71.

Dress: Zalora
Sandals: Zalora

Felt so much better.
Sexier voice too!
My first purchase from them and I love it!

Make up I wanted just plain Navy Blue eyeshadow and nude lips.
I think I need to go do scaling for my teeth. image

Day 72.

Top: Polo (Husbands shirt, made it into mine)
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Kate Spade

Busy day.
Shopping day actually!
Sister bonding session with Mei Mei.

Make up was something simple. 
It's actually a little blue not sure if you guys can see it.

Day 73. 

Top: Cotton On
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Slippers: Fit Flop

A day spent with the in laws.
And grocery shopping at the end.
(Today, I hope and pray real hard a miracle happens) 

Whenever I don't apply make up, I realize I look like a kid.
Oh well, once a week a #nomakeup day is good for your skin.
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