OOTD: Week 15

And the changes begins. This week, I started making a change. And I mean a lot, at the same time.. Hopefully with God's grace things go well for us. Exciting news coming soon. 

Day 102.

Dress: Mirrorcle
Sandals: Zalora (Something Borrowed) 

This was the last photo of my clean left arm.
Got to see cute fatty baby too!
2 castings that was scheduled last minute.
Got myself a tattoo.
Karaoke Session with Poppy, Shearls and Mei Mei.

Had minimal make up today.
Cause I knew I was going to tear.

Day 103.

Dress: Cotton On
Shoes: Wakaii

Gonna throw this dress already.
Too loose.
Work from home.

My once a week no makeup. 

Day 104

Top: Pawsome shop (On Facebook) 
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Zalora

Errands day.
Had loads of running around to do.

Subtle dark lined eyes with Pink lips.

Day 105.

Punjabi Suit : Made in Ipoh
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Was Vasakhi.
Went temple of course.
Dearest Ah Yi has shingles.

 Tried this red-ish eyemake up. 
Can't see it well can you? 

Day 106. 

Top: Unknown
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Worked from home.
Made my first sushi ever!
Dated Le Hulk Hubster for breakfast tho.

Makeup that day was really light and subtle.
I'm really loving my Chanel mascara tho.

Day 107.

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Fab India
Shoes: Melissa

The day our lives will soon be changed (I hope)
Well, I'm excited to share some news.
But want to wait for confirmation first.

Had pretty simple make up because wanted to keep a good 1st impression. 

Day 108.

Top: Kitschen
Skirt: Zalora
Shoes: Cotton On

Spent the day with my dearest sister.
Bonding sessions.
Much needed.

 Makeup was something I wanted to try.
Minty bottom lined eye.
Need a darker shade maybe?

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