OOTD: Week 16 & Week 17.

Hello my lovelies, once again.. 2 weeks later I remember to blog about all the #ootd, travelling up and down is not easy. From time to time I tend to forget to take pictures of my own attire sometimes too. So, this week's blog post, I'm just going to update both the weeks. I do have to apologise, I did however missed out somedays because of the busy schedule. I try my best to update as and when I can ok. 

Day 109. 

Top: Some flea market in India (Of course it's fake) 
Tights: Work out tights from Australia.
Shoes: Uniqlo Room Sandals. 

Once in a while we all need a break from the hustle and bustle in our lives.
Today was the day.
Got to meet up with childhood bestie for dinner. 
That made my day!

Day 110. 

Twas a self pampering day.
I learnt to cook a healthy dish today!

Day 111. 

Top: Kitschen
Skirt: Terranova 
Sandals : Fit Flop

Had errands to run.
In the heat, my fans in the house decided to die on me.

Make up was subtle today.
Nothing major.
Simple nude tones.

Day 112.

Top: Banana Republic
Pants: India
Slippers: Birkenstocks

I've got house chores to do. 
But 2 #ootd today.

Make up was kept really simple.
Just lined eyes.

Dress: Zalora
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Got a call to head to work.
So had to change.
Sweat like a pig anyways.
So changed into this.

 From a simple day make up to night.
All you need to touch up.
Bold red lips.

Day 113.

Top: Calvin Klein
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charles & Keith

So much things to do today. 
Wardrobe fits.
Make up trials.
Hospital visits. 

Make up today was no lined eyes.
I realise my eyes tend to look smaller.
But oh well, mascara helps open em! 

Day 114.

Top: From Australia
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Running around like a headless chicken today.
Dance rehearsal for shoot under hot scorching sun.
Temple visit.
Dinner with the 3 husbands at the restaurant.

Make up once again.
Nude tones.
Always the best au natural trick.

Day 115. 

Missed out this day.
KO-ed like mad.

Day 116. 

Top: Kitschen
Skirt: Terranova
Shoes: Melisa

Airport wear.
Headed to Singapore.

Make up with extra rosy cheeks.
Swear that was natural.

Day 117.

Busy day sorting out medical checkup.
Work permit lady pissed me off.
Racism is very much alive in this world we live in.

Day 118.

Was still in Singapore and nobody to help me take pics of #ootd.
No mirror.
Hotel we stayed in no window too!!

Day 119.

Top: Kitschen
Skirt: Kitschen
Hat: Zalora

God works in wonders.
A lady came up and praised my look today.
Even I was shocked!

I wear a hat all the time in SG.
Because the amount of outdoors and UV sunlight ain't good.
For my face that is.

Day 120.

Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Kitschen
Hat: Cotton On

5 hours journey home.

Make up was simple.
As always.
Goes to show I'm lazy.

Day 121.

Top: Zalora
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Zalora

Heading back to hometown for parents reunion dinner.
Stuck in a bloody jam for 5 hours when it only takes 2 hours to reach hometown!

Wanted simple make up.
Something as if I woke up like this.
Even did my hair yo!

Day 122. 

After a looooooonnnnggg day.
And a long journey home.
Came home.
But it's just the beginning of more busy schedules.
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