Ava- Rose Tan Lonj

Hello beautiful people, forgive me for not being able to blog. It's 11.35pm and I'm blogging.. Hang on a minute, I don't blog at night..



Something I wanted to share..

Oh right.

I'm a Mama now. image

Meet Ava - Rose Tan Lonj, our daughter.

Well then.. SURPRISE! image

You all would already know by now about my 9 miscarriages. Hardest story to share out there.. But I prayed, every night I prayed hard. After all that we have gone through.. It still feels so surreal to have her in my arms.

In my younger days, I often jokingly told my friends I will be a mother before I turn 30. If that does not happen, I'm never going to be a mom. 

Why did I want to be a mom at a young age? 

The answer is pretty simple.

I wanted to grow with my child. He / She and I would have a really close bond, as if we were the best of friends. A bond that I have with my mom. 

But, after all these years. I was at the verge of giving up, but I never stopped praying. I'd cry whenever I went to church and knelt in front of Our Lady or the crucifix. I prayed really hard. 

I guess God got fed up of hearing my voice. (Kidding!) He and all of Ava- Rose's siblings up there started to hand pick a suitable sibling for us. To us, she is definitely God's greatest gift. 

I always said this "After the storm comes a rainbow." This little rainbow is perfect and she is the most beautiful rainbow we have ever seen. 

Life has changed so much for me. 

I quit my job so that I can focus on her upbringing. (Yup, full time housewife / mom / chef / cleaner) 

I refused to hire a nanny or helper, I wanted to experience motherhood on my own. 

Sleepless nights are worth it, cause I get to wake up to hold her. 

I really do love being a mom!

Name picking. How the heck did we come up with her name? Well following a Sikh tradition, when a child is born. You bring them to the temple, and the priest will open the bible and read the verse from it. And a repeat of the alphabet means that is the alphabet you get to name your child. 

As you can tell, we got Letter A. 

We fell in love with Ava. It's a short form of the name Chava which means Life or Living One. Also in Hebrew, it means Eve. 

Why Rose? 

She was given that name because her great grandmother's name is Rosa. And her maternal grandmother's confirmation name was Rose. Yes, she is named after 2 really strong women who have made her Mama who she is today. 

Why Tan? 

DUH! I'm the Tan. And I wanted my daughter to carry on the legacy of her great grandparents. 

Why Lonj and not Kaur?

Lonj is Le Hulk Hubster's family name. And instead of Kaur, he opted for Lonj instead to remember his grandparents. 

There our daughter was named after people who inspire us. Of course I do not hope that she becomes like them, but I hope she appreciates the unique name she has.



This blog is going to have a lot of changes. Maybe more baby blog posts? I don't know.. But I promise to blog. 
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