#ClareSpeaks: Judged

Being a new mom, I am often judged. (Well, then again in life we tend to judge people a lot so this should be a norm by now.) But when I am judged and questioned about how I bring up my child I tend to jump on my defends.

A lot of people always tell us the elderly are experienced they know what it's like because they have been through it. Yes, some old wives tales we should follow. Then again, there are some I don't know why I follow or even listen to. *rolls eyes* It frustrates me sometimes when people tend to get uptight if I don't follow what they tell me, they would nag at me.

I'm learning.

Every thing that I do as a mom..

I'm learning, there maybe somethings where I screw up. Hey, life is that way right? We learn from our mistakes. And that's also why I wanted to be a hands on mom, I wanted to be able to learn from my mistakes, grow with lil missy and learn what is right or wrong.

I may not be a perfect mom. But I try to be.

Heck, nobody is perfect. We are all just trying to be perfect.

So why should mothers be judged?

We are all learning aren't we? We all are trying to be a perfect mom for our kids right? I'm sure if you experienced people out there have been through so much, i'm really sure you guys are also annoyed when you are being judged or told what to do or how to take care of your child.. Right?

Maybe I'm feeling emotional.

But I think a lot of people should back off. Give us a chance to grow. Give us a chance to learn. Guidance, yes we need them. All the time. But please don't be quick to judge just to guide us.

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