#ClareSpeaks: I Quit...

Ever since Ava- Rose came into our lives she has been my whole life.. So I decided to quit my job and be a full time stay at home mom. I know, I know.. A lot of you are going to judge me. Go ahead. I have no regrets, and I'm very thankful for the love and support Le Hulk Hubster continuously gives to the both of us. 

Why did I decide on this? 

1 simple answer. Our Daughter. 

Come on, I waited so long for a child. To have her, of course I want to be all hands on. 

Why didn't we hire help?

Instead of hiring help, I'm doing it all alone. Why? It's not to say we cannot afford help, it's just that I did not want to. I wanted to be able to watch her grow, guide her and be a mother. A proper mother to Ava- Rose. We work in a world who is always striving to survive, but we tend to forget the important role of being a mom. 

Now, imagine this. One day, your child comes home crying instead of running to you.. She runs to the comforts of the helper. How would you feel? Here's a video that kinda hit me and I told myself I will never be one of those moms. 

And, helpers these days cannot be trusted. 

Kidnapping, murder, food poisoning, husband stealing.. The list goes on. 

What about the income?

For the sake of my daughter I will stop my shopaholic addiction, sorry Zalora. Ha ha. But I will only spend when it's necessary. And seriously.. Having a daughter is like money flying out the window all the time! LOL. Maybe because a mom like me likes dressing her up all the time. 

Le Hulk Hubster is going to be the bread winner of this household now. 

Are you happy with the decisions you have made? 

VERY! Motherhood is a 24/7 work, on public holidays I still have to work. But knowing that I grew up learning about motherhood and being there for her.. I'm proud of that tittle. Even if I don't get a single cent. 

It's going to be hard now that we have to tighten our belt. But hey, I'd rather be a role model my daughter can look up to. Instead of a helper, or become a stranger she only spends time with during the weekends. (Just saying) I hope most of you mom's out there don't get offended with this post. I know most of you are working hard so that your child can live a good life, don't get me wrong.. I'm not judging. Besides, mothers are great no matter if they are working from home or working at the office. 

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