#MamaClare: Ava-Rose's Full Moon Party.

Being excited new parents, we were excited to introduce our little bundle of joy to our family members and friends. So Le Hulk Hubster and I decided to throw Ava-Rose a full moon party. Well, we wanted something simple with just the family and friends. Of course, we decided to have it at Hello By Kitchen Mafia. 

I swear I didn't even want to do any decorations. But my daughter's godmother and aunty suggested that we get some simple balloons. Initially, I kept all the color scheme and party planning for her 100 days. Since we were already inviting 80 over guests... We decided to cancel 100 days party and just focus on the full moon.

I was so keen to have a rainbow themed party for her. Since she is a rainbow baby anyways, but scratched that idea after. So we got pastel colored balloons instead. My rascal fairy godson and fairy god- daughter was very helpful with setting up the decorations. 

Had only 1 week to plan and invite people. As always, Le Hulk Hubster from a "simple" dinner made it a 80 pax party la! *Rolls Eyes*
See, the thing that I like about planning parties at Hello By Kitchen Mafia. We don't have to ask them what food are they cooking. We just gave them a budget and they'd work out a menu for us. 

 And my, the food was splendid!!!! Roast Chicken, Grilled Fish, Pasta, their famous Ah Pek Fried Rice, OOOOOOMMMGGGGG!!!! So in love with all the food!!!

A rare shot of the both of us. OMG! I have put on so much weight... bloody hell.

Oh I forgot to mention. We threw a tiny surprise for our fairy god daughter too. It was her birthday the next day, so we thought since all the family is around we'd surprise her with a cake to celebrate her birthday too.

She was so happy, she kept hugging us and thanking us.

We love you loads Rie Rie!

 Ok. Time to do a little promotion.

I searched high and low for a baker to do a fill moon package. Like a simple door gift for the guests. I found this awesome lady Colleen who owns My Sweet Treats. She made this perfect package for us. LOOK AT IT! She hand painted the rose on Ava's cupcake!! OMG!

And let me just say the cake was so moist and perfect!!

Ava's Full Moon was filled with so much love. Le Hulk Hubster and I are truly grateful to everyone of you for making Ava-Rose feel extra special.
To everyone at Hello By Kitchen Mafia , the food was amazing as always and service was impeccable. Thank you 🐝🐝 Johnny Fct Seth Lian, Thank youKenny Hai L-uke Khoo Qhai Yeo Chua Ker Xing Valerie Nathan and the rest.
To My Sweet Treets, Coleen the cake was amazing!! We wiped the plate clean, some disappointed that they weren't fast enough to get 2nd helpings.😂 The custom made cupcakes were soooooo beautiful and delicious!!! Thank you so much.
Pheona Wee and Amelia Ayesha for the balloon decoration. And that awesome Uber guy too.
Our family and friends who have travelled near and far just to attend our daugters full moon, words cannot express how grateful we are to have you celebrate this joyous occasion with us. We are blessed to have her in our lives, and she is extra blessed to have so many Uncles and Aunties who love her so much already.
From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank you.
Le Hulk Hubster Pat Singh & Me. 😘

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