#ClareSpeaks: Changing Perspective.

Today I was going through someone's Instagram account, and when I started to reflect on myself. Jeez, I'm such a sore looser. And there she is such a huge success making a name for herself. Suddenly, just suddenly I felt that I had not accomplished anything. Wow. WTF have I done with my life?

She is....
1. Famous
2. Successful
3. Single and enjoying life.
4. Travelling the world.
5. Still so damn beautiful!!
6. Slim! She is so damn slim and let me just say her body proportion is PERFECT!

I started comparing myself with her. Then it hit me.. Why the hell was I doing that? Why was I comparing myself with someone else? Why am I getting jealous of her? Have I not grown myself? Have I not accomplished things too?

Someone close to me told me that I needed to change my perspective in life.

Yes, I needed to change my perspective. I am not a failure. I have accomplished a lot. And whoever she is, I'm sure she has her moments too. As I have mine.

Then I looked at Ava - Rose. My biggest accomplishment right there. And nothing else mattered.

In life we are always at constant war with ourselves. But if we could change our perspective and look at things differently we start to value ourselves even more.

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