Flirty 30's.

Hello beautiful people. The month of August, my birthday month. Yup, no longer a "young lady" now a hipster 30 year old. 

Had 1 of the best birthdays ever recorded in history of my 30 years of life. Not sure if you read about it on my Facebook. But here's a screenshot. 

I've always wanted to do charity work on my birthday. Instead of throwing big parties or go on a vacation. I thought, for once.. Just do what I wanted to do all this while. And I did. 

Really proud of myself for doing it. 

Ok now onto some serious conversation. Ever since I was young, before I got married. I told myself i want / wish to be a mom before I turn 30. Why? Because I wanted to be able to grow up and learn with my child. And this year to receive our little missy Ava - Rose, it's the best gift I can ever ask for. For that we are truly blessed. 

After all the miscarriages I have gone through. All the angels who have gone home.. This one stayed with me. 

Best gift I could ever receive from above.

So yeah. Ok. That's all I wanted to tell you about being 30. image

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