#ClareSpeaks: What Nobody Told ME About Being A New Mom.

Hello beautiful people.

Becoming a new mom, I had so much to learn. There are many things I wish people would have told / warn me in advance.. Thus the post today. Here are some things that personally I wish someone would have told me about.

1. You automatically get a degree / masters in lullaby singing, diaper changing, poop evaluator, cooking, early childhood education, medicine and the list goes on...... 

- Yes. I am now qualified mommy. image My parents would be proud.

2. A LOT of people will have a lot of say.

- Yup, you are not the only one who makes the decision for your child now. Your parents, in laws, aunties, uncles, granduncles, grandaunties, 2nd cousin, 4th uncle, nephew, niece......  (again the list goes on...) will have a lot to say.

3. You will NEVER be a perfect mom. 

- There will come a day when you realise.. There is no such thing as a perfect mom. There will come a day I know when Ava - Rose is older and she will hate what I did.. But I am after all human, and I will have to learn from my mistakes because I am not perfect.

4. The sudden interest in organic / healthy / baby safe products.

- I never bothered what floor cleaner I bought. To me a floor cleaner is a floor cleaner. But my goodness.. Ever since Ava - Rose arrived, I started doing research on organic products and safer products. So currently my whole household products are all organic products and safe for babies. image

5. 5 minutes toilet break is the best me time ever.

The best break I get to myself is when I am in the shower or shitting in the toilet. And that's the best ME TIME I get.

6. No longer a shopping session for myself. 

- I have not purchased new clothes for myself for the past 6 months. Ava - Rose's wardrobe on the other hand is growing. I think she needs another new cabinet now. imageMy daughter has to be stylish like me la... And with her ever growing.. Of course I'd buy more clothes for her.

7. Find house call services! 

- I'm a vain person. I will admit that. So when it comes to my nails, hair and facial routine it get's harder to take Ava - Rose along with me at a really young age and expect her to understand my vain - ness. At the comforts of your own house, you get awesome tip top services.. At the same time, you get to pay attention to your little one too, instead of leaving them out. Who knows, one day.. Ava - Rose maybe able to enjoy all these little moments too?! (Just saying)

8. Gaining & Loosing Friends.

- You will realise after you become a parent that there are just a handful of people you need in your life. I mean we all change at different stages in our lives. So do not expect all your friends to understand what you are going through. Along the way, some may leave you because you are now that boring stay at home mom.. But there will also be friends who understand your situation and build a closer bond.

9. Poop Expert. 

- Nobody's poop matters as much as your little one. You understand her poop now. You understand what is good for her, what makes her constipated, what makes her poop more. Yup, congratulations.. You now own a poop expert masters.


- The amount of scare I had.. Google itch, red dot and bham... Chicken Pox?! WTF google?!

11. Priorities have changed.

- Being married, priorities was then.. Husband first, myself second. Now with Ava - Rose, priorities are her. And only her.

12. Date Nights in baby friendly environment. 

- Le Hulk Hubster and I will still go for date nights, just that our date night involves a third wheel and baby friendly environment.

13. Relationship changes.

- I have never been so much more attracted to Le Hulk Hubster now. Seeing him as a father, making more efforts with Ava - Rose, it somehow made me appreciate him and love him even more. We started to communicate more, even if it's about Ava - Rose.. You change your perspective a lot and learn to respect your other half even more somehow.

14. Secret comparison. 

- Let's admit. We do compare our children secretly. Let's not deny that fact. But that somehow pushes me to be a better mom and appreciate Ava - Rose more sometimes.

15. Conversations will change.

- It's all about baby talk now. Trust me, even when you meet up with your girlfriends and they don't have a baby... Your conversations will tend to be about babies.

16. Separation Anxiety. 

- My newly developed fear. I never knew I had that till Ava - Rose came, I hated being away from her. Does not mean I am a clingy mother.. But yeah.. I cannot be away from her for too long.

17. Forgetfulness

- OMG! I have walked out the house forgetting so many things. Because I am so focused on making sure I sort out Ava - Rose's stuff first I tend to forget my own stuff and misplace things too!! And apparently.. IT'S NORMAL?!

18. Extra emotional.

- I realise I became extra emotional now that I am a mom. The other day my childhood bestie showed me her Pre wedding pictures and I cried, it was not my PMS. It was motherhood.. Somehow I got extra emotional even when I watch a really touching commercial on TV. WTF MOTHERHOOD?!

19. Weird stares. 

- When your baby throws a tantrum at public areas, be prepared to have a thick skin and ignore them. Let them stare, I don't care honestly.

20. Motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened. 

- I love motherhood to be honest. I love being able to watch her grow daily, stay at home with her and having such a close bond with her. Along the way, if i become a mother again... I'm going to embrace it. How is it possible that there is so much love, happiness and joy in one little baby? I really love being a mom.

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