Hello Beautiful People! image

HAPPY NEW YEAR! image Yes, 1 week late with the wish but better late then never. image

Had the best New Year's countdown in our new #lonjmaison the view of the fireworks was so beautiful. Blessed to be surrounded with my loved ones and of course #avarosetl in our arms.

Yearly, I would normally write myself a new years resolution. But this year, I opted not to. Why? Simple. Every single time I wrote a resolution, I never followed it strictly, somehow I'd get soooooo motivated in the beginning of the year and when we reach the middle of the year.. I tend to give up. So this year, I'm just gonna go with the flow, whatever comes / happens.. let it be. 

And now, to recap how 2016 went. 

1. I became a mom. 

After 9 miscarriages, my little rainbow baby finally arrived. 15th May 2016, my whole world changed. I left my job to be a full time stay at home mom. She became my priority, my world, my universe. 

2. My bestie got engaged. 

My childhood bestie of many years got engaged and is getting married this year! I cannot wait for this!!

3. Flirty 30.

Had the best birthday ever. Read about it.. *click here* 

4. #lonjmaisonsg

We finally got a beautiful place to stay in SG, to make our travels up and down easier. Especially with #avarosetl now. It's so much nicer to be able to go back to your own space.

5. #lonjmaison1

The original #lonjmaison had a makeover. The whole house was under renovation, I got to enjoy the comforts of my home finally being the way I wanted it to be. But sadly.. 3 months later..

6. #lonjmaison

.... 3 months later we moved to a bigger, better and beautiful new home. 

Ok so not much happenings in 2016, I'm not that happeneing ok. image I'm just a boring, stay at home mom. Not a tai tai ya. 

But here's to 2017. BRING IT ON! 
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