Teaching Ava - Rose: Confetti Bag

Hello Beautiful People,

I know I know... I have once again neglected my blog. Forgive me once again. 

Anyways, lately I have been looking for things and different ways to educate little missy. I mean, since I am a SAHM why not teach her things right? Of course, I turned to Pinterest for help. And I found one of this really interesting sensory play.


Things you need:

- Hair Gel (I bought this really cheap one, you do not really need an expensive brand)
- Confetti (Got this from Spotlight and it was on discount! Double bonus!!) 
- Zip Lock Bag (A transparent one would really be great.) 


All you need to do is mix everything in the zip lock bag. 

Use a masking tape to seal the top, you can either seal it on the baby's high chair or wall. For me I kinda sealed this to little missy's high chair because I want her to have the habit of sitting down with us during meal times, she finishes up fast.. So she always ends up wanting to get out of the chair fast... Yeah, my very impatient little one.. Haha. Oh well, at least something to entertain her now. 

Till the next project!!