Teaching Ava - Rose: Familiar Faces

How many of you parents are finding ways to get your little ones to sit still after dinner? Or at least wait for the rest of the adults finish their meals? I'm trying to find ways to get Ava - Rose to sit down and wait for the rest of us adults to be done, instead of letting her run around in the restaurant or crawl around at home. I wanted her to make it a habit to sit at the same table till we are done. So once again, I turned to the World Wide Web for help.. and I found an interesting way to sit her down till we are done!

It also helps teach your little one to recognise familiar faces. 


All you need is..

- Printer
- Pictures of your little one and whoever's face you want them to be familiarised with.
- Scissors
- Laminating machine.

I printed out pictures of loved ones cut them into easy carry along size and laminated them. So her drool or water would not ruin the picture. Cut them to a small size where it's easy for you to carry around. 


It helps her with her hands and eye coordination. How she can gently pic up each card and look at them really carefully. You can print colours or black and white. It's really up to you. 


Now after meals, I just take out those small picture cards and she looks at them. At the same time, I tell her who they are so she can slowly recognise all their faces. 

So many new things to do with Ava - Rose, can't wait to teach her more things soon. 

Till the next project.