Teaching Ava - Rose : Painting Canvas

I have once again turned to social media and searching for ways to teach Ava - Rose new ways of doing things.. one of the things I learned is this.. And it's so easy and mess free. Lil missy actually enjoyed doing this! 


Things you need: 
- Blank Canvas
- Cling Wrap 
- Acrylic Paint or whatever paint you have lying at home. 


It's so easy! All you have to do is dot on some paint onto the canvas, whatever way it does not matter. 


Pull a biiiiigggg piece of cling wrap, I accidentally smudged the paint.. But it's ok. Does not matter. 


Let the little one play with the paint, squeeze them all flat or something. It's up to them honestly, and they create such a beautiful mess. 


So this was the beautiful mess Ava - Rose made.. I kinda like it honestly. 


And lastly, mommy paint on any words you like. Or you can leave it blank. It's up to you. 

Have fun and let your child be creative!