Teaching Ava Rose: Foamy Bag

I am so sorry fellow readers for going on a loooooonnnnggg hiatus. Been busy with my Lil Lady Boss. I'll try my best to update you peeps bit by bit. But for now I wanna share one of a fun sensory play project we did a few months back. 

Babies are curious, and they love colours. I went on Pinterest to get some ideas on what fun sensory play we should do next and this project popped up! Decided to give it a try and Lil Lady Boss absolutely loves it! 

All you need.. 

1. Shaving Foam (You really don't need to buy an expensive one cause it's going to be used ones."
2. Paints
3. Ziplock bag.

You just need to add 2 colours to the bag, and than the shaving foam. Zip up the bag and let baby play!

Lil Lady Boss was tossing and turning the bag, squeezing and mixing the colours. Oh! You can teach your kids about how two colours can create another colour too!

So easy to make, and baby has so much fun! It's also not messy at all! Takes a few seconds to make but almost an hour of fun with the bag.. Try it! 

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