Ava - Rose Turns 1!

Lil Lady Boss is officially 1. (After almost a month then only I'm posting this image Sorry la.) Her birthday was on 15th May, and we had a little Sesame Street Themed big party for her on 27th May. Honestly, her birthday party was all planned last minute. Drove me up the wall. 

Had mixed up emotions on this very particular day. At one point, I could not believe that this little heaven sent has grown up so quickly, at another point I was praying that she would take her time growing up. I just could not come to terms how in a blink of the eye, she was 1. 

Le Hulk Hubster took us out for dinner at Hilton Hotel that night, he wanted to celebrate my very first Mother's Day too. Lil Lady Boss was sooooooooo happy, her eyes lit up when she saw her very first chocolate cake and a candle. Gosh, I kept crying the whole day! No joke!

Ok so for her birthday party, Le Hulk Hubster and I agreed on a Sesame Street Themed party. Because this Lil Lady Boss loves Sesame Street especially Elmo and Cookie Monster. I have to admit, we were the ones who made her fall in love with Sesame Street. Heh! image

3 nights before the birthday party, went goody bag shopping with my god sister Melia. We decided to customise the goodie bags to make it more meaningful. Lil Lady Boss worked really hard for it ok.

Used her tiny hands as a print for Cookie Monster & Elmo. The "adults" then stayed up late cutting out their eyes, nose, mouths and cookie. Glues em bit by bit on 30 bags. We ended up finishing at 3 am in the morning ok. 

 Even hand written a small thank you at the bag of all 30 bag. image I don't know why I agreed to this in the first place.

I'm very bad at DIY decorations ok. So we hired Nicole from Babycakes Sweet Shoppe. She is amazing!! And she did up the wall so beautifully!!

I mean just look at the whole set up! Everything I pinned on Pinterest was there! Even to the smallest details. Ava Rose Street... image

And Nicole bakes the yummiest desserts!! Goodness me!! Will you just look at Lil Lady Boss' birthday cake! I wished I had that when I was her age!!

We did something different tho. We told all of our guests not to get any gifts at all for Lil Lady Boss, because she already had everything. And instead, to give a small ang pow and all that ang pow proceeds was to help our new found friend JJ. *Read FB* for more details. Happy to say we collected RM7,770 to help JJ.

And we got out guests to write a word or two in Lil Lady Boss' book. So in future when she is older she gets to read all the lovely messages.

Both Le Hulk Hubster and I are truly thankful for each and everyone of our guests. Without their presence it would not have been a memorable birthday party for Lil Lady Boss.

 Could you see the amount of love we have for her. LOL.

We love you so much little one. 
Don't grow up too quickly.

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