Teaching Ava - Rose: (Discovery Basket 1) Kitchen Tools

Hello! Since Lil Lady Boss went to bed early thought I'd update the blog with another update. One that was few months late. image Anyways, I did this little project with Lil Lady Boss when she was 9 months old. We had fun with this, her first Discover Basket.. Many more to come. 

Tools You Need: - 

1. Kitchen Tools (Anything except objects that are dangerous!)
2. A Basket. 

I just put the whole basket right in front of Lil Lady Boss and of course with her curious little mind she grabbed everything, touched it, felt it, created sounds with it.

You don't really have to buy brand new kitchen tools, these can be things you use in the kitchen. Just make sure you wash it once your baby is done playing with it.

Lil Lady Boss sure had fun exploring this big basket of kitchen tools. Just allow your little one play with the tools, talk to them, explain to them what are the tools for. 

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