Teaching Ava - Rose: Finger Painting

Babies / Toddlers love making a mess. Lil Lady Boss loves making a mess too so I thought why not let her get her hands on finger painting right? She gets to learn about colors and have loads of fun too! 

Do please make sure you look for child friendly paints that are non toxic and easy to clean off. (In case you get some on your furnitures.) 

I poured a little bit of paint on the paint palette and allowed Lil Lady Boss go crazy.  She had loads of fun.

At first she was so curious and had no idea what they were, I had to help guide her on what to do. And within seconds she started creating her own masterpiece.

Let your baby / toddler explore and have fun. Try not to get worried with the mess. Another great idea is to make sure the surrounding areas area already well protected so in case any paints get on em you can still clean them up. 
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