Teaching Ava - Rose: Ribbon Box

Pinterest is such an interesting place to get ideas on baby activities, or toddler activities. I found one of this activities for Lil Lady Boss. *click here*

I did this project for her when she was 9 months old. So yeah, I'm updating the blog la.. LOL.

Things you need: - 
1. Ribbons
2. Empty Box
3. Scissors

2. Cut out 1 side of the box. Please get a box you are no longer using.

3. Poke holes on the top. You can honestly use a pen or something, but OCD in me said use a crafting blade.

4. Cut the ribbons
You don't really need the ribbons to be the same length.

5. Tie a dead knot on top of the box so the ribbon cannot be pulled off.

6. And you are done!

Lil Lady Boss had fun pulling and tugging the ribbons. This helps with their fine motor skills. And it keeps them entertained for at least an hour. 

Sorry gotta do throwback posts ok. 
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