Teaching Ava - Rose: (Discovery Basket 2) Fruits & Vegetables.

Hello Beautiful People, 

Updating the blog late at night. Hey, at least I'm updating right? Also, trying to keep up with the updates and all. We did this Discovery Basket session way back in March when Lil Lady Boss was 10 months old. 

Anyways, I bought some really cheap fake toys from Daiso to help with this project. 

It's really simple this project.

You just need a basket, and fill it with whatever you want your baby / toddler to explore. Let them explore. Hold it, put it in their mouths... Whatever! (Just make sure you clean them after la..)

At first Lil Lady Boss was much more interested in the basket.. I did give her some time to explore the whole thing.

In the end she slowly started exploring what is inside the basket. Slowly one by one I told her what fruit / vegetable it was. The color of the fruit / vegetable and had some small pretend play too!

We had fun with this project. I promise you guys there are more interesting discovery Baskets!!.. So stay tuned! 

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