Teaching Ava - Rose: Water on Wax

Hello Beautiful People, 

How do you like my new blog layout? Kinda wanted to keep things simple. Less confusing too. image 

Anyways, here is another outdated blog post.. 

It's really simple to do this project. And your little one is going to love creating mess. 

Here are the things you need.

- Watercolor
- Brush
- Candle
- Art canvas / Paper

Step 1. 

Use the candle and write whatever hidden message you would like. Of course my lil lady boss does not know how to read yet, so I just made her name for fun. 

Step 2. 

Let your little one hold the brush, dip the brush into water and paint.. 

Step 3. 

Let your little one explore. Paint, different types of color. Don't stop them. Let them explore, have fun and make a mess! 

The end result.

A very happy baby and a new art piece to decorate our walls. image