Teaching Ava - Rose: (Discovery Basket) Let's Pretend to be Doctors

Hello Beautiful People, I have once again neglected my blog haven't I? Sorry, do forgive me. I will try to blog as I go along.

Discovery baskets and pretend play are always fun. For Lil Lady Boss and myself. We did this activity waaaaayyyyyyy back. Once again, sorry for neglecting the blog. I'll try to update more as I go along. 

Anyways, I had a small box of pretend play doctors tool lying around at home. She maybe too young to understand what was going on.. But I let her explore and learn. So I threw in whatever doctor pretend play toys I could find.. And this was all I had. 

Plopped it right in front of her. And of course, Lil Lady Boss went crazy figuring out what was what.

She of course, went crazy exploring every inch of the discovery basket.

So, to help with our pretend play. We needed a patient... How sweet of Sahara the Pug to help out. Hah!

The two of them really enjoy playing together. Of course I don't stop them.. I let them..

And besides, Sahara was really being really good girl. Allowing Lil Lady boss to explore all the tools on her..

Try out discovery baskets for your baby and toddler! It's really really really fun!!